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Experience the difference of our service

Engage in a physical therapy program built around your injury to best help you recover.

Get OT treatments

Reduce your pain

Special therapy


Use occupational therapy with professional help so you can develop, recover, or maintain your daily living and working schedule and skills. Enjoy this client-centered practice.


Get joint and tissue manipulation along with hot and cold therapy along with other innovative treatments to recover from injury in a clean environment.


Try Iontophoresis, a method of sending electricity through water giving you a light, tingling sensation and decreasing swelling, pain and inflammation.

Gain stability

Utilize sports rehab

Engage in exercises


Allow therapists to work with you on maintaining balance better and thus, avoiding any possible falls. Build strength through exercise and have confidence in your dexterity.


Invest in our skills to rehabilitate your orthopaedic injuries caused by competitive and recreational athletics. Have a program for treatment designed for you.


Your physical therapist knows exactly what exercises to assign you in order for you to heal the fastest and most completely. You'll be on the road to active living again in no time.

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